From Around the Web

This post is an assembled collection of insights, stories and commentary on startups, venture capital and entrepreneurship.

Banks and Entrepreneurs: Breaking the Logjam

The partners at Matrix Partners look at the innovation occurring in the fintech sector and why the banks are not leading it.

The Babe Ruth Effect in Venture Capital

Chris Dixon, General Partner at a16z, looks at the “Babe Ruth” effect in venture capital and why new VCs have trouble with it in his blog at CDIXON BLOG.

The Management Framework that Propelled LinkedIn to a $20 Billion Company

First Round Capital – The Review looks at how well defined decision making authority is key to successful CEO transitions and some of the management lessons Jeff Weiner learned.

Proposed Treasury Regulations May End Private Equity Management Fee Waivers

Brian M. Blum, James Chudy and C. Brian Wainwright at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman’s InvestmentFund Law Blog look at the common practice of private equity firms converting their right to receive management fees from the funds they manage into the right to receive profits and distributions from the funds through management fee waiver arrangements to achieve a lower tax rate and how the IRS may want to change this.

If You Chase Two Rabbits…

Tomasz Tunguz, Partner and venture capitalist at Redpoint, looks at “When is the right time to expand geographically, add a second product or pursue another customer segment?” Read what his three part answer is.


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