Fenwick & West LLP: Venture Capital Survey Silicon Valley Third Quarter 2015

Guest post by Barry J. Kramer and Michael J. Patrick of Fenwick & West LLP

We analyzed the terms of 175 venture financings closed in the third quarter of 2015 by companies headquartered in Silicon Valley.

Overview of Fenwick & West Results
Valuation results continued to be strong in 3Q15, but a little less strong overall than in 2Q15.

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Valuation and Pricing of an Enterprise

Joseph W. Bartlett

When a founder determines it is worth his while to attempt to raise money for his concept, the basic issue becomes one of price. If, for example, the business needs $500,000 to get started, how much of the equity in that company should $500,000 in fresh cash command? A brief summary of common terminology will help illuminate the subsequent discussion.

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What Not To Say in a Business Plan

Guest post by Barry Moltz, Entrepreneur and Consultant

Sometimes I find that the company’s founder is so far ‘outside the box’ that they ‘stretch the envelope.’ As an angel investor, I review more than 500 business plans each year. Unfortunately, many are so riddled with economy lingo, business jargon and clichés, that they do not communicate any real business value. In my opinion, terminology, such as disintermediation, sweet spot, ASP, best of breed, and win-win should be outlawed for the next 100 years.

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