Are You Using a Placement Agent?

Joseph W. Bartlett, Co-Chair of VC Experts

The fund raising process for most of the private equity funds … venture, leveraged buyout, secondary and others … is an arduous business. Alan Patricoff remarked several years ago that after he split from Apax to form Greycroft it took him, a Hall of Fame venture capitalist, three years (as I recall) to reach a final closing on the fund he was sponsoring.

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Valuation Uncertainty Illustrated…with balloons!

Guest post by Karl Sjogren

One can use a balloon to visualize the valuation uncertainty inherent in a venture capital investment. Imagine one that looks like a hot dog and can be twisted into animal shapes. But instead of air, this balloon is full of uncertainty. The left end of this balloon represents ownership interests in a venture-stage company, while right end represents certainty about its future performance.

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The Current State of Reg A+ Investment Crowdfunding

Guest post by  @

With all the excitement around the big SEC Title III Equity Crowdfunding announcement on Oct 30th it’s easy to overlook the fact that the SEC already enabled a potentially much more powerful set of rules earlier in 2015, which we are only now starting to see the effects of.

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Meeting Clients Halfway: A Tall Order

Joseph W. Bartlett

Please note: Appendices A, B, and C and be downloaded as a compressed file here:

Innovations Designed to Streamline, Facilitate, Enhance The Delivery of Legal Services, Empower Clients … and Reduce Expense.

A polemic featured on,[1] builds on a familiar theme – that lawyers are pricing themselves out of certain significant markets in this country, including particularly emerging growth finance, a/k/a venture capital.

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