Blockchain Law: ICO Regulation and Other Legal Considerations in the Blockchain Ecosystem

Guest post by Dror Futter, Rimon PC

During 2017, blockchain and its progeny Bitcoin and initial coin offerings (ICOs) became “big news.” By the end of the year, news of new record highs for Bitcoin and eight- and nine-figure ICOs became almost daily events. As block-chain has entered the mainstream and the dollars at stake have exploded, it has become clear that this exciting technology has raised and will continue to raise issues across a broad range of legal disciplines.

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Prime Unicorn Index: Q2 Trend Report

Original Post By: Prime Unicorn Index

The Q2 2018 Prime Unicorn Index Trend Report is an analysis of 100 components that comprised the Index in the second quarter of 2018. The Index includes both unicorns and “approaching unicorns,” which are private companies with a valuation of at least $500 million. Valuations for individual components are determined by an analysis of various documents, such as: Certificates of Incorporation, Employee-Plan Exemption Notices, Limited-Offering Exemption Notices, Annual Report filings, Form Ds, bankruptcy filings, and many more sources. Utilizing all sources, we can extract key Deal Terms, such as: Round of Financing, Round Direction, Liquidation Preference, Liquidation Multiple and Dividend Rate. The report analyzes the different trending deal terms for a more granular picture of the capitalization structures surrounding the Q2 2018 Index components.

Q2 Trend Report 2018