Q1 2018 Prime Unicorn Index Reconstitution Report

Post by Lagniappe Labs LLC

The Prime Unicorn Index added nine constituents and dropped one in its quarterly reconstitution, for a total of 93 index components as of Q1 2018.

The additions to the Index are: Urban Compass, AvidXchange, Discord, Bolt Threads, Proterra, WellTok, Flatiron Health, Health Catalyst, and Pindrop Security.

The deletion from the Index is: Forescout Technologies

As more high-performing companies defer or eliminate plans to go public, the demand for information and investment exposure to this growing portion of the American economy has soared. The Q1 2018 Prime Unicorn Index Reconstitution Report provides more information on the new nine constituents and how they compare against the Index.

Screenshot 2018-01-29 14.05.08

OTOY- Virtual Reality Company Gets Real Money

There is no denying that the Virtual Reality industry is taking off, with Magic Leap being valued at over $3 Billion & Oculus being acquired for $2 Billion, the space is heating up and the investments into these companies are anything but augmented. One company that has flown under the radar is OTOY, investment details are scarce so we wanted to provide a little insight into what we have found so far.

virtual-reality-otoy (1)

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What Do Those Deal Terms Mean?

In today’s venture financing environment, knowledge of the venture financing process is vital to ensuring fair business practice between entrepreneurs and investors. Many times, deal terms are often agreed to by entrepreneurs without a clear and concise understanding of what the terms actually mean to their company.

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Adaptive Insights – Where’s the Valuation at Now?

Screenshot 2015-06-30 14.23.57

Amended & Restated Certificate of Incorporation 6/22/2015

Based on documents uncovered by VC Experts the cloud finance intelligence company is worth $453m. View the Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation filed June 22, 2015 and check out the funding facts below. Want more? You can view more private company valuations, deal terms, and price per share information with our Intelligence Database.
Adaptive Insights

Teespring: More Than A T-Shirt Company [Infographic]

VC Experts data has shown that average valuations increase dramatically between the Series A & B rounds of financings. Teespring has not only followed this trend, but has become an outlier in early stage financing with their $611M valuation.


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