Adaptive Insights – Where’s the Valuation at Now?

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Amended & Restated Certificate of Incorporation 6/22/2015

Based on documents uncovered by VC Experts the cloud finance intelligence company is worth $453m. View the Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation filed June 22, 2015 and check out the funding facts below. Want more? You can view more private company valuations, deal terms, and price per share information with our Intelligence Database.
Adaptive Insights

Uber Technologies Authorizes Another $1 Billion Worth of Series E Shares

Uber Technologies filed a Restated Certificate of Incorporation today 2/18/2015 authorizing 30,014,664 more shares of their Series E Preferred Stock. With a share price of $33.317575, this could be another $1 Billion investment in the ride share company.

View the certificate

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