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What Investors Need to Know About Deal Terms and Conditions

In this interview ACE Portal’s CoFounder and CFO, Carl Torrillo, interviews Ross Barrett, the CEO and Cofounder of VC Experts, on deal terms and conditions. This interview specifically focuses on what private investors need to know about terms and conditions.

The Growth of Private Company Investing – Online Platforms, Accurate Data, & Robust Analytics

Just before Thanksgiving, ACE Portal in conjunction with our partner, VC Experts, hosted an intimate panel discussion on ‘The Growth of Private Company Investing: The Importance of Online Platforms, Accurate Data, and Robust Analytics.’

Fundraising for Emerging Growth Companies Post JOBS Act

ACE General Counsel, Jason Behrens, interviews Joe Bartlett, a Co-Founder of VC Experts and Special Counsel to McCarter and English on the fundraising environment for Emerging Growth Companies following the passage of the JOBS Act.
In the video they first discuss nuances of the current legal environment with respect to IPOs relative to the entire JOBS Act, and especially the IPO on-ramp provision found in Title 1 of the Act and then debate whether or not the end result will be more IPOs or fewer. The second half of the video focuses on the change to the maximum number of shareholders and the potential for secondary trading and new liquidity programs in this new environment as well as the role of registered (and unregistered) finders in the capital raising process.

Joe Bartlett on the Role of VC Experts

Joe Bartlett, a Co-Founder of VC Experts, speaks with ACE General Counsel Jason Behrens on the company’s origins, mission, and importance. In particular he focuses on the role of comparable data in facilitating efficient market decisions and the unique niche VC Experts fills in providing that data.

BARTLETT On Suitability versus Verification